WHO Integrated Medical Supplies System (WIMEDS)

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This wiki serves as a user guide for the World Health Organization Integrated Medical Supplies System (WIMEDS) developed for the World Health Organization (WHO).

The WHO integrated medical supplies system – WIMEDS is a web-based system. Among others, WIMEDS is a crucial system:

  1. to distribute NTD medicines and diagnosis kits with their correspondent pharmaceutical and logistic documents;
  2. to plan, monitor and facilitate forecasting, transport, storage and access to medicines and diagnosis kits;
  3. to gather the related epidemiological information about NTD cases, transmission routes, health facilities.

The WIMEDS is one of the components of the WHO information system to control/eliminate neglected tropical diseases (WISCENTD) to gather and visualize epidemiological information and monitor and verify advances in the control/elimination/eradication of NTDs.

Getting started with WIMEDS